Visual Inspection Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning Inspection

Visual inspection from Dryer Proz technicians in London Ontario. With the use of our multi-point inspection scope a Dryer Proz technician is able to determine the safety and efficiency of your dryer system. During the inspection, we will look at the lint trap, dryer connection point as well the vent line.

Our goal is to find any deficiencies, damage, or unsafe configurations. If there is any safety or fire hazards during this dryer vent inspection the technician will point them out.

Once the visual inspection is complete, our technician will provide a detailed report and estimate based on the findings. This will also give the client an opportunity to ask any questions. Suggestions about recommended services will also be provided. A dryer vent inspection should be completed once per year. We suggest you accompany this with a complete dryer vent cleaning, for safe and efficient dryer vent system.

To learn more about our inspection services, or to schedule an appointment for professional dryer vent cleaning, call us at: 519-808-7779