Dryer vent cleaning and debris removal.

Debris after dryer vent cleaningDryer Proz proprietary vent cleaning system will remove all debris, clogs, lint, and any other obstruction from your dryer vent ducting. Our professionals clean the entire dryer duct and remove all clogs and blockages. Don’t be fooled by companies that only clean close to the termination point.

What is in the dryer vent ducting?

Of course, the most common thing that is found in dryer venting is lint, but you would be shocked to learn all the other types of debris that can be found. Our professional dryer vent cleaning technicians have found many different types of debris, including:

  • Dryer sheets
  • Bird nests
  • Rodents and birds
  • Construction debris
  • Clothes
  • Brushes and other tools from the homeowner trying to clean the vent themselves.

Dryer Proz removes all of the above obstructions using specialty tools, vacuums, and high-pressure air. Any obstructions that we remove from your dryer vent system will be cleaned and disposed of, not left for you to deal with. If we find the remains of any dead animals or signs of mould we also offer a professional grade sanitizer to kill any bacteria or viruses.