Multi-Unit Dryer Vent Cleaning

Multi unit dryer vent cleaningDryer Proz offers professional multi-unit dryer vent cleaning for buildings with multiple tenants. Our proprietary dryer vent cleaning service will effectively remove all forms of lint, debris, rodents, and birds safely with little disruption to the tenants.

Every building whether it is residential or commercial that has a dryer in it has a potential fire hazard. When there are multiple units in the same building such as apartment complexes, school dorms, condominiums, daycare’s, seniors facilities, or commercial businesses, the fire hazard grows exponentially and effects more than one person or business. This becomes a major concern for insurance companies and the fire marshal in some cases.

This service gives peace of mind to the tenants and occupants of the building, knowing that potential fire hazards have been removed. Make sure that you check your insurance coverage thoroughly, as you may not be covered in the case of negligence.

To learn more about our multi-unit property dryer vent cleaning services please call 519-808-7779.

London Ontario