Dryer Lint Trap Cleaning

Dryer lint Trap CleaningMost homeowners realize that they need to clean the lint screen every time after running the dryer. However, the lint trap which is located below the lint screen is often neglected. The lint trap will build up over time and create a serious fire hazard if not attend to. The lint trap should be cleaned periodically, at least once per month to maintain a safe and efficient dryer. It is also a good idea to remove and wash your lint screen with soap and water and then let air dry before returning it to the dryer. The lint screen will build up with oils and other residues which clog the screen and not allow airflow.

During a dryer vent cleaning service, our professional technicians will remove the lint screen and use special tools to clean deep down into the lint trap cavity as part of our service. Performing the seemingly small step will not only save energy by allowing the dryer to work more efficiently, but it will also minimize a fire hazard.

Cleaning your dryers lint screen is a pro tip for improving energy efficiency and safety. If you would like more information on our dryer vent cleaning services please contact us at 780-455-1188.