Installing a New Dryer Vent Termination Cap

Dryer Vent termination Cap BrokenReplacing the termination point for your dryer vent system is typically pretty easy, start with removing the screws on the faceplate. They’re usually four screws attached here.
Go down to your local hardware store and pick up a replacement louvered vent. It should be a 4-inch vent and match up to your previous one. Putting it back on should be quite simple, just look inside make sure that it lines up with the dryer vent line. This might be a good opportunity for dryer vent cleaning before you finish installing.dryer vent termination cap Once you’ve secured hope for screws back in the place you are virtually done, if you have rodent problems you might want to consider a higher end dryer vent termination louver that has a magnetic culture which will make it harder for rodents and birds to nest in your dryer vent system.

The final thing to do would go inside and turn your dryer vent on, make sure that you are getting adequate airflow through your dryer venting termination point.

Dryer Vent Termination Cap With Magnetic Clasp

Dryer Vent Termination Cap with Magnetic ClaspIf your home has experienced bird nests or rodents that are looking for a warm place to live, you might want to the standard dryer termination cap with one made with a magnetic termination cap so that when it is not in use it is much harder to open. This will help to keep the dryer vent system much safer and potentially avoid dryer fires.



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