Increased Clothing Life Through Dryer Vent Cleaning

Would you like to increase the life of your clothing? Clothing a family today is very expensive! The thought of damaging or ruining garments due to overheating is worrying, costly and detrimental to the environment with new clothing being purchased unnecessarily. When the dryer vent is plugged, it’s not allowing enough moisture and hot air to escape and damage occurs. Excess wear will cause longer drying cycles due to poor efficiency. Over time clothes will start to break down and the fibers will fray. This happens due to unnecessary heat and long drying periods. Increase Clothing Life With Shorter Drying Times

What is the solution? Dryer vent cleaning which will result in lower utility bills due to increased airflow, and ultimately will increase the life of your clothing. Less heat equals less damage due to the shorter drying cycle.

Have professional dryer vent cleaning completed in your home and start saving. Call Dryer Proz in London, Ontario at 519-808-7779.

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