Energy Savings with Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning Energy SavingsDoes drying your clothes cost more than you realize? If your dryer is clogged or partially plugged the system isn’t functioning at its full efficiency. This means you could be spending extra money every month on utilities all due to a plugged dryer vent. This is completely avoidable. Having a professional from Dryer Proz clean, inspect and repair your dryer vent system, could result in up to $30 per month in energy savings!

When debris and lint accumulate in your dryer ducting it restricts the airflow in the dryer vent system. The dryer will build up heat and moisture which could cause your dryer to stop working at its peak efficiency, or stop working altogether. Even a modest savings every month on your electrical bill will allow the dryer vent cleaning service to pay for itself. This will make your home safer, provide piece of mind and  provide your dryer with a longer life cycle.

Dryer Proz professional, dryer vent cleaning service is a great way to get rid of lint, nests, and any other debris that may be plugging your dryer vent system. Clean your system and start saving today by calling 519-808-7779.