Extend Dryer Life Span

Dryer Life SpanHave your dryer vent cleaned to extend the life span of your dryer. A professional dryer vent cleaning will ensure your dryer works as efficiently as it should which will always results in energy savings.

When your dryer vent system is restricting airflow it’s putting a tremendous amount of strain on your dryer. Your dryer will have to work harder at eliminating moisture and heat. This results in poor performance and sometimes automatic shutdown.

For this reason some people will buy a new dryer sooner than necessary. They believe the poor performance and increased drying times means they need a new clothes dryer. Here at Dryer Proz, we’ve seen many times how a seemingly end-of-life dryer has doubled its performance and dryer life span just by having the dryer vent cleaned. The problem has nothing to do with the dryer. The accumulation of lint in the dryer vent ducting is the issue.

A professional inspection of your dryer vent system could uncover potential problems that will decrease the lifecycle of your dryer, cost you more in energy bills, and present a potential fire hazard. Appliance manufacturers and NFPA recommend that your dryer ducting be cleaned once per year.

If you require professional assistance from a dryer vent cleaning company please call 519-808-7779.

If your dryer has seemingly died and you need an appliance repair professional contact Home pros Group for information on service companies in your area.