Dryer Proz is pleased to announce that we’re now servicing all of London and area. If you have a camp or the like that needs servicing please contact us, and we’ll see that you’re taken care of.¬† We’ve got trucks across the province so chances are high we’ve got one near you and can offer a competitive rate and superior service!

All drier ducting should be a minimum of 4″ in diameter. Clean, unclogged, resistance ducts encourage air flow potency, quickens drying times, adds longevity to clothing’s life and reduces utility bills.
Flexible transition hose that you can find between the drier and the wall outlet ought to be either the foil or aluminum kind they are more versatile duct (most preferred). don’t use the plastic or vinyl they are not rated for high temprature. Concealed ducting should be rigid metal (galvanized or aluminum) duct. If installing your own duct remember joints need to be put in so the male finish of the duct points within the direction of the flow. Joints ought to be secured with metal tape (not duct tape) its is heat resistent and does not breakdown over time. Don’t use rivets or screws within the joints or anyplace else in the duct as these can encourage lint to accumilate leading to premature fouling inside the pipe.
Make sure the length of rigid metal ducting does not exceed thirty five feet, any longer then this and the dryer motor will not be able to probler evacuate the hot air and lint to the outside of t eh building.
Dryer discharge vents can not be connected to any other systems in the home (chimneys or exhaust vents) termination point of the drier discharge dcut should be to the outside either on the roof or wall with a correct vent, hood or roof cap equipped with a back draft damper. vents that contain tiny opening metal screening shouldn’t be a part of the hood or roof cap as this may catch lint and block the opening terribly in only a very short time.

Good Practices
Actually examine the termination port of the drier and along with the wall vent or roof cap. Visual inspectionis should be conducted to look for birds nest or clogged openings. Check the air flow if not a lot of flow is present when the dryer is on to the exterior of the building there is a large possibility that the vent is plugged.
If you think clogged or part clogged exhaust ducting, it’s time to call in the proffesionals¬† at Dryer Proz of London Ontario and surrounding areas.

Cleaning with greatley inprove drying time, and effecency of your dryer saving your home a lot of money on untility bills. Dryer vents should regularly be inspected and clenaed around every 6-12 months depending on your home use.

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