Eliminate Mold Issues Caused By Dryer Vents

Eliminate Mold Issues Caused By Dryer VentsWays to Conquer Mold

Can you, eliminate mold issues caused by dryer vents? This can be difficult since the purpose of a clothes dryer is to remove moisture during the drying process. When we take into account the fact that mold thrives in warm, dark, and moist places. A dryer ducting system becomes the prefect environment for growth to occur. Did you know? that up to half a gallon of water can remain in a  dryer full of wet clothes?  becuase of this the dryer vent must be properly installed. This will ensure that the water is fully removed to the outdoors during the drying cycle. If not the moisture along with the heat will allow mold to grow.

Eliminating mold growth is a serious issue for homeowners. For the reason that, It can lead to structural damage and a variety of health problems. Mold in your home can bring on asthma attacks or even allergic reactions. It is critical that any business or you as the homeowner take the necessary steps to prevent mold growth. Any sources of moisture must be dealt with immediately.

Plugged Dryer Vent

So why does having a plugged dryer vent matter? Well, when you have a plugged dryer vent the moisture can not escape this leads to moisture condenseing into small pools of water inside the dryer ducting as a result. The water mixes with lint and creates a paste that sticks to the dryer vent walls. Not only does this add to the blocked venting, but it’s also an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold ssues can be eliminated by having your dryer vent cleaned.

Water Leaks In Dryer Venting

Water leaks in dryer venting will become a major issue. When Dryer ducting is plugged, and water starts to pool, it will look for any extra space possible. If there are any holes, or joints where the dryer ducting is joined together it will leak out. This can cause the water to accumulate in areas behind the wall where you least expect it. If not dealt with properly it can lead to severe mold and mildew growth.

At Dryer Proz we have professional technicians who are trained to make sure proper ventilation and airflow are available for your dryer. Finally, once a proper clean is completed we will fog the line using proffesional greade line sanitizer, this proccess will kill any growth from occuring and protect your family. If you require our dryer vent cleaning services please call us at 519-808-7779