Dryer Fire Prevention

Dryer Fire SafetyA major concern for both residential and commercial properties is dryer fire prevention. Dryer vents are a leading cause of over 16,000 fires in North America every year. This results in multiple deaths and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage.

The main cause can be from the dryer malfunctioning, or overheating from clogged dryer vent ducting. The most common source of ignition is lint. It is irrelevant if the dryer is gas operated or electric the risk is the same.

There is very little to prevent lint and other debris from building up in the ducting. However some new models of clothes dryers  have safety features that warn when levels are too high. As well a device called lint alert is able to calculate the back pressure generated by the dryer to give a warning when the levels become too high.

How Often Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Recommended?

Dryer manufacturers recommend that a professional perform a yearly inspection as well as a dryer vent cleaning. This is because airflow is reduced when lint and other debris begin to clog the dryer ducting which causes the dryer to overheat. Once a spark is created this will create a fire.

Dryer lint is such an incredible source of ignition that outdoor enthusiasts often collect it. It is commonly used as tinder for starting fires while camping.

Dryer Fire Prevention Checklist

Add dryer vent cleaning to your home checklist to reduce the risk of a dryer fire by removing the main sources of ignition.

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Our professional dryer vent cleaning service technicians will perform an inspection or cleaning to ensure that the entire duct is free of all lint, animal nests, or any other debris that is clogging the dryer ducting and reducing airflow. If necessary we will also make other recommendations to increase dryer safety. This may include; a booster fan on any duct that exceeds 25 feet in length (excluding bends). As well we may install past proof vent covers at all dryer vent termination points.

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