Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Commercial Dryer Vent CleaningAll clothes dryer’s present a potential fire hazard, in a commercial setting the potential is much higher due to more years, and sometimes longer dryer vent duct runs. Typically it is lint that builds up in dryer vent duct and causes decreased airflow and efficiency, this can lead to a risk of fire and hire electricity bills. Dryer Pro’z professional commercial dryer vent cleaning technicians are trained to deal with a wide variety of dryer ducting systems.

In a commercial setting, the main reason for cleaning your dryer vent is to reduce the potential for a dryer fire but is not the only reason. The increased efficiency of the dryer due to increased airflow will save the business money, drying time, and reduce labor. It may also be an insurance requirement that you have your dryer vent system cleaned periodically to avoid potential dryer fires.

It has been reported that a clean dryer vent can save as much as $30 per month compared to the same dryer vent but it’s clogged with debris and lint.

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